Temple Bar Residents

Promoting Sustainable City Living

Representing the 2,300 residents of the Temple Bar area by promoting a vision of sustainable city living.

Temple Bar Residents’ objectives are to maintain and safeguard the interests of its members in respect of their residence, improve conditions and general amenities within the community and work towards the betterment of the area for all who live there.

To this end, Temple Bar Residents aims to work with relevant organisations to address the following issues:

Anti-social behaviour, noise and ‘entertainment overflow’ in the area

On-street drinking and encroachment of public streets by licensed premises

The development of a sensible policy towards busking, street performance and live music

Work with relevant agencies to highlight social issues such as homelessness and substance abuse in the area

Draw attention to civic issues such as street cleaning, public lighting, graffiti and general appearance of the area

Strengthen Temple Bar’s already vibrant community spirit

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